Scientific Anglers: Spey Lite Integrated Skagit Product Review

I have the opportunity to test the Spey Lite Integrated 11' Skagit head at 180gr fly line made by Scientific Anglers. All I can say is that I am impressed by the versatility of this line and the waters I can cover. I paired this line up with my Sage Method 9' 6wt single hander and had a blast fishing for smallies.

Let me tell you why I like this line so much.

1) The integration between the shooting head with the running line.
  • No loop to loop connection to deal with.
  • Fish beyond to the shooting head if desired for those fish that chase the fly in close.
2) The black tapered transition between the shooting head and running line.
  •  Allows you to identify where the optimal place to load the rod.
  • Ability to mend very well.
3) Short aggressive shooting head and thin diameter running line.
  • Shoots likes a cannon and turn over big flies and sink tips with ease.