Florida Fishing Gallery

Atlantic Threadfin

Backyard bass

Spanish Mackerel

Double up on peacock bass on the fly


Fishing the mangroves

Bluefish from the beach
Frank's tarpon on the fly

Backyard bass

Backyard Blue Tilapia

Backyard Tilapia

Backyard tilapia

Florida Gar on red popper

Mayan Cichlid

Mayan Cichlid

Tilapia on the fly

Tilapia on the fly

Mayan Cichlid

Backyard tilapia

2nd 19'' bass. 

19'' ate the clouser fly

Snook on DOA lure

1st snook on the fly rod

Admiring this linesider

Snook on the 7wt switch rod

33" snook on 10wt with Orvis Hydro SL

Took a fly I tied the day before
Horse eye jack

My go to fly for snook.

Hooked a mullet during a blitz
Summer beach snook
Jack C. it put a good bend on my 10wt
1st Jack C.

Crayfish pattern

Awesome buff to protect me from the sun

Mayan cichlid - very beautiful fish

Crayfish pattern off the bottom

Popper fishing!

Personal best LMB

Personal best LMB took this fly

Another topwater fish!

Also off a crayfish pattern


First peacock bass action shot, Photo credit: Cam C.
Cam's peacock on his fiberglass rod.

3rd Peacock. Awesome colors. Photo credit: Cam C

2nd Peacock, they pull good! Photo credit: Cam C.

Cam's Peacock Bass

Cam with his 2nd peacock - action shot.

First peacock, photo credit: Cam C.
36" Snook on the Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow. Yes I know, it was on a spin rod!

Beach snook

Double jack attack

Trout action

1 cast 2 fish

Speckle seatrout on white clouser

Baby snook

2nd redfish - 25''

First redfish

Tarpon toad

Sage Method 9wt switch rod

35'' jack on DOA lure

21'' Jack on DOA lure

Snook on DOA lure

18.5'' bass on shrimp pattern

Beach snook

Jack from the beach

Kayaking for snook

Mayan cichlid

Cuda on green clouser

Jack from the beach

Topwater bite

Topwater action

Peacock bass on a baitfish pattern

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Peacock bass on a black clouser

Everglades Trout

Everglades Gar

Can not beat topwater action

14.5'' triple tail

21'' triple tail

Personal Best Peacock bass - 7.04LBs

Personal Best Peacock bass - 7.04LBs

Redfish with double spots

4lb 12oz peacock bass

18.5'' tilapia

22'' snook from the docks