Spey Casting for American Shad

Dan swinging custom shad flies for American Shad.

I had the pleasure of taking Dan P. for an afternoon on the water for shad. Dan is no stranger to fly fishing but he wanted to work on his spey casting and get his first shad. With those 2 goals in mind, we had the perfect setups ready, Sage One and Sage X switch rods paired up with skagit shooting heads. Within a short amount of time on the water and a few pointers, Dan got into the groove of things and was able to launch the fly where the shad were swimming through. Though conditions were tough out there to fly fish, we made it happen. He landed a total of 3 shad and by the end of the day he was making lazer casts. In my book, I would say it was a successful outing. We set goals and we worked hard and we made it happen.
Dan with his 3rd shad on the Sage X