Lamprey-Shad on the Switch Rod

Lamprey -Shad on an orange shad fly

I went out for a quick session in the cold rainy weather. It was good to be out there after a long week of not fishing. My setup was a Sage X 11' 6wt switch rod paired with a 7/8 Teton reel, 250gr OPST commando head and a 8' sink tip. Spey casting for the shad are extremely fun. Of the 8 fish I landed, most of them were male that leaped all over. While the female were trying to rip me into my backing. Surprisingly, one shad had a lamprey eel on it - picture above. I removed the eel from the shad, I am sure the shad was happy about that. I guess I can put that as a skill on my resume haha. Overall, the fishing is good and plenty of  fish to be caught. The forecast for next week looks even better, get out there and wet a line.