Fly Fishing South Florida: Tarpon, Snook, Peacock Bass

Frank's tarpon on the fly

I had the opportunity to show Frank the Florida fishery, a place he has been wanting to fish for a long time. We wasted no time once we arrived at our hotel and set up our gears, I was fishing a 6wt and he was fishing a 7wt. Our target species for that afternoon were peacock bass and other exotics in the area. We had a good time fishing for them and I was able to put Frank onto his first peacock bass. He was surprised of how beautiful they look in person as well as their strength. Through out the week, we fished for them and by the end of the trip we landed over 50 peacock bass between both of us.

Peacock bass
Peacock bass
Aside from chasing peacock bass, we wanted to fish the salt for the snook. We traveled all over and fished many places including the mangroves, beaches and docks but was not able to entice them as they were about to spawn. We did manage to spook a monster snook next to a boat dock. We did not get into the snook but Frank caught a bluefish from the beach early in the morning, and I got an Atlantic threadfin.

The ultimate day of our trip. We had a trip booked to chase the silver king with Taylor Powell - Taylor knows what is going on when it comes to chasing monster tarpon with the fly rod. He put Frank and I in range to feed these amazing acrobatic fish. Frank hooked a tarpon and the fish roared. The jumps by the tarpon was awesome. I have seen it in videos but seeing it in person is another story. Frank fought the fish like a champ and after landing it and many pictures, we all cheered and high fives all around.

What a great fishing trip all around and to share it with a great friend. To view more photos of this trip, click on the Florida Fishing Gallery.