The Fly Line That Will Ease Your Transition into the Spey Casting World

Are you interested in learning how to spey cast but not sure where to start or do not want to invest a fortune to decide whether it is suitable for you? Then this is the article for you.

A bit of a backdrop to get this post started.

I have been talking to a fellow shad angler and friend, Bob, on my experience in Florida and my experimentations on two handed rods for fishing the surf. One conversation lead to another.
He became more interested in two handed rods and spey casting - he has seen me spey cast with two handed rods back in my home waters of New England during the shad run. Coming from him - he told people how I am able to effortlessly cast a two handed rod though I am a small built. I'll take that compliment any day. Bob mentioned, he is getting older and would like the put less effort in casting heavy flies for steelhead back in Ohio.

He spent hours researching spey casting and every topic surrounding the subject such as rods, reels, types of lines and so forth, believing this is the solution for him. This led to him being extremely frustrated and giving up on the idea as there are many opinions out there and not sure who to believe.

I told Bob, just try the OPST head - one of my favorite compact shooting head out there thinking it would address his goals. I sent him to websites to look at the OPST in action, which OPST head to buy and where to buy it. He was very impressed with this OPST as he seen videos of people making effortless casts with it. The next day he spent hours doing research on a running line because the OPST is not a head with integrated running line. The website where I sent him to buy the OPST, he came across a video on the Wulff Ambush head with the integrated running line. He was impressed with the line and purchased it because he did not want to deal with the loop to loop connection between the head and running line. I have used the intermediate Ambush line with an integrated running line a while back and was impressed with its versatility. I can not believe I did not remember this line as a recommendation for him... Anyways the  Ambush line is what I could recommend to people that are looking to get involved with spey casting and potentially using two handed rods. There are just so many applications for the Ambush line from single handed casting to spey casting whether in fresh or saltwater depending how you match it to your rod.

Additional keypoints to note on the Ambush line: 

1) Read more on its versatility and and how to match the line to your rod for different applications on their website.

2- Wulff Ambush comes with either integrated running line or just the shooting head.

If you are interested in only the shooting head... there are many running line out there. One of my favorite is the Rio Gripshooter. It has the handling section so it does not slip out of your finger as easily but gain the extra distance with the mono portion,

3 - Available with Floating or Intermediate shooting head

You can slap the appropriate Ambush line on practically any single handed rod setup you may have and start spey casting under $100.