Fly Fishing for Stripers in NJ

Island Beach State Park, NJ

My first destination was Seaside Park, NJ during my drive down to Florida. I have heard that the striper fishing was good in the area so I decided to stop by and stay for the night to do some fishing. I stopped by Betty & Nick's Bait & Tackle to talk to the locals and to get some steel leaders in case the bluefish wants to chomp on my flies. The folks were very friendly and provided ample amount of information. The other thing on the list was lodging. Since it was Memorial Weekend, lodging availability were limited and prices were high but Island Beach Motor Lodge was the best bet. It's backyard is literally the beach.

After getting settled into my room, I started to gear up and by the time I was done, it was around 6PM. I wasted no time and headed straight towards the beach. The wind was blowing at a decent speed but I was not too worry with my 11'6'' 8wt switch rod and the line setup for overhead casting. I was working my way down towards the end of the park with a few different flies. Nothing yet! But I still continue on walking along the shore casting and casting. It felt great being out there and enjoying the salty air. I did not see any action on the water and only saw a few birds flying around. I decided to work my way back since I had to get up early the next morning. I met some anglers and they told me I should have been there a week ago cause the fishing was phenomenal - the typically situation haha. I only fished probably around 2-3 hours but it was a good experience. Next year I will know where to be if I want to fish for stripers earlier in the season.