24mph Wind Challenge

A few days ago, I was out shad fishing in very windy condition. The wind was blowing from all directions at the max speed of 24mph. I was using my favorite skagit setup, the OPST commando head on my 6wt. Though, compact shooting heads are able to cut through the wind better than traditional single handed fly line, it was still very challenging. I think the only positive from this windy fishing condition was that it helped mend my line for me haha. Another factor that made the fishing challenging was the cooler water running through the river systems. The fish were not active, at least where I was fishing. I worked for hours and finally hooked into my first one and landed it. I worked for another hour or two and got another shad on a chartreuse fly. I fought both fish very strategically knowing that I would not have many chances at them. Though it was tough fishing, both female shad were worth the hours of casting. I got more acrobatic action from these two fish than any other this year.