2 for the price of 1

2 fish 1 cast

Shad on a custom switch rod

I have been fishing 2 flies lately since the water level has been pretty high in order to get my flies down to the fish. While fishing I hooked into 2 shad at the same time on my switch rod. At first, I thought I hooked into 1 fish and the other fish was following it. As I reel and the fish came closer, I was surprised I hooked both. A friend of mine, Ben, suggested fishing 3 flies. I may eventually do that haha.

The shad in the 2nd picture above was the 1st fish that I hooked into today. It took a pink custom shad fly on my custom switch rod after switching flies. It was a very  aggressive grab since the river was running fast. It took many runs before it was landed and released. I hooked into 2 more fish at a different run, one of them took my fly before I made my fancy spey cast. I only landed one of the 2, they were worthy opponents.

With the rain we have received and more rain coming our way, along with the better temperature, the prediction is that fishing will be even better in the coming weeks.