Chuckin and Duckin? No more, Just all Chuckin!

This is an updated post based off my previous posts on my 6wt fly rod. Now it has been converted by adding a longer handle. 

After adding a longer handle, the rod became significantly more pleasant to cast. Before the rod got converted, I posted some results on it with the OPST. During that time a member of my shad Facebook group asked something along the lines of "does it feel like it is overloaded for overhead casting?". I mentioned I would mainly prefer Spey casting with it then overhead casting. Now with the longer handle, spey casting or overhead are equally fun to cast. Plus you don't have to worry about "chuckin and duckin".

Look at the photo below, the flies I use are heavy and are typically thrown with an 8wt or 9wt rod. I was throwing the flies at a pond for large mouth bass. The setups I have are compact shooting heads.Casting these flies are so much fun since you know anything that would take the flies are a worthy opponent at the end of the line.

Shooting head from left to right; OPST, Rio Skagit Trout Max, Wulf Ambush Neutralizer

It took a dumbbell eye crayfish pattern off the bottom