Shad Fishing Is Around the Corner...

As I am typing this, I am on vacation in the Bahamas.While on vacation, I told myself I have to finish the 2nd edition of my book (Fly Fishing for American Shad - A Complete Guide) before I head back home. I am a bit relief it is done! In the 2nd edition , I have included more fishing spots and expanded on other topics, helpful knowledge that I have picked up while fishing for other species in the New England region.

I am always excited for the start of each shad season. Based on my experience from previous years, I believe the American Shad season will start earlier this year compared to last year. The fish arrived around the 3rd week of April in the Chicopee River for the 2015 season. My assumption is due to the warmer weather we are having this year. Regardless, I am ready for them!

If fly fishing for shad is something you want to try, my detailed book can help you. 
This book will answer: 
the how,
the why,
the when
and the where.